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Chapter Two: A Whole New World

"We're trapped!" Ashten called jumping up. Hope shook her head and stood up as well looking around the shed. "There has to be another way out." She sighed grabbing at her neck for something. "OH MY GOD!" She yelled looking around the ground. Ashten jumped and looked at her. "WHAT!?" He screamed. "My necklace it's gone!" She yelled searching the ground for it.

Ashten groaned. "You scared me just for that?" Rolling his eyes he looked around for it to. "I don't see it." He muttered. Hope turned to him. "It might have got pulled off and fell into the well I'll go look and then we well find a way to get out." She sighed grabbing onto one of the vines and climbed down. Ashten watched until he heard the pad lock click. He stopped and turned around looking at the door. "Ashten get down here!" Hope whispered. Ashten groaned and jumped into the well just as His mother opened the door.

"What is it Kagome?" A man came up behind her. "I thought I heard yelling, I suppose I'm just hearing things." She muttered turning around. "Inuyasha, do you miss your time?" She asked. Inuyasha shrugged. Kagome smiled and ran her finger through his fine black hair witch was now cut to his shoulders. They closed the door and the two heard the click of the pad lock once more.

Hope sighed and started to search the ground for her necklace. Ashten started the search as well. "What do you think Mom mean by do you miss your time?" He asked. Hope shrugged. "Hell if I know." She put her hands on her knees. "You said hell dad said not to use that word." Ashten corrected. Hope rolled her eyes. "I don't see dad around, do you?" She smiled when she saw her necklace shine in the dirt. Ashten smiled and picked it up handing it to her.

Hope and Ashten examined the small round ball. "It's never glowed like that before" Hope wondered. Ashten nodded looking at it closely. "Wow, it's so pretty." He smiled. Hope rolled her eyes. "What ever." She tock it from him and put It back on. Ashten looked up at the top of the well again. "Look I see the sky!" He yelled. Hope rolled her eyes and hoped onto the vine pulling herself up to the top of the well. "And I see tree's* She admitted. Ashten pulled himself on up to the top and forced himself to get out of the well. "Hope, where are we?" He asked. Hope shrugged. "I don't know." She looked around the area.

"HELP!!!!!" A scream came from somewhere around the area. Ashten jumped off the well and grabbed on to Hope once again. "What if its mom, come on!" Hope started to run in the direction of the scream. Ashten fallowed close behind her.

They came into a clearing after running throw the forest, a young lady was laying dead a small beast chewing on her dead body, a long tail swing back and forth a long bulky body bent of the girl's body long fang digging deep into her its claws sinking into the ground. Hope put her hand over her mouth. "That's not mom, can we go home now Hope?" Ashten shuttered pulling on the sleeve of her T-shirt.

The beast turned looking at them with hungry eyes blood dripping from its mouth and fangs. "Look what you did Ashten!" She whispered. Ashten closed his eyes still tugging on his sister's shirt. "What do we do?" He cried. "Shhh, maybe it'll go away." She whispered.

"Hee, haa fat chance." The demon muttered its voice deep and low. Ashten hid behind his sister. "IT TALKED!!!" He yelled. Hope started to walk back ready to run. The demon fallowed a wide grin on its face hoping for dissert to come swiftly. Hope picked up a large log and held it up. "Don't come any closer or I'll swing!" She growled. Ashten picked up another stick. "And I'll scream!" He muttered. Hope rolled her eyes. The Demon laughed a deep wild laugh and walked closer. "How odd is this couple, the girl killing and the boy screaming." The demon jumped at them. Hope swung hitting the demon in the side making it move its target giving her time to move out of the way and her brother time to ether hit it again and move as well or just run.

But her brother attacked to her moved with her not even swinging or giving a diversion, they might be twins but her brother didn't understand her one bit. The demon turned and growled like a cat. Hope pushed Ashten back trying to step back trying to get away from the demon. Ashten walked back to far and tripped over a lose rock on the ground. The demon smiled and jumped at them again. Hope stood her ground she couldn't move the demon would land right on Ashten.

Unexpectedly a little puff of brown hair jumped across the area hitting the Demon in the side so it missed the two kids. Hope blinked and turned as the little puffball, but no puffball stood there a handsome little boy about her age in looks. He had sandy brown hair the same color as his fluffy tail and brown eyes. With just one slash with his claws he killed the demon.

Hope helped Ashten to his feet. "Its going to kill us!" He cried. Hope rolled her eyes. "Why save us just to kill us?" She sighed. The boy turned and smiled he had long hair that went just a bit past his shoulders he was just a little taller then Hope. "Thank you." She said smiling. Ashten rarely saw his sister smile but he wasn't in the mood to pick he wanted to go home nice safe home!

"Hello, what is your name?" The boy asked. "My name is Hope, and this is my brother Ashten." She pointed at her brother when saying his name. "My name is Shippo, nice to meet you, what village are you from, with those strange cloths I thought you might have been from Japan!" He laughed. Hope nodded and smiled. "We are!" Ashten smiled to could this Shippo take them home?

Shippo smiled. "Do you know Kagome and Inuyasha!?" He asked exited. The two twins blinked, how did he know their parents? "Yes." Ashten answered. Shippo smiled. "Fallow me!" He said walking in the direction Ashten fell. "Ashten lets just go back." Hope wasn't sure she wanted to stay here. "Let's just find out how he knows our parents." He said fallowing Shippo.
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Main Characters:

* Hope - Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter (Bow and Arrows)
* Ashten - Inuyasha and Kagome's son (Tatsuagera)
* Lilly - Sango and Mirokus Daughter (Boomerang)
* Ivan - Sango and Mirokus Son (Sword)
* Aaron - Sango and Mirokus Son
* Shippo - From Inuyasha (Claws, Fire spells)
* Akako - Koga and Ayamas Daughter (Fists and Wind)
* Saku - Not told yet (Shikon no Teema)

This is a Inuyasha fanfiction about his and Kagome's kids 18 years after the Inuyasha crew kills Naraku..

I DO NOT own InuYasha or any characters that come into this fic that are on Inuyasha. But I DO own Ashen and Hope and any children (beside Shippo) in this Fanfic, I created them from my own mind.
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