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Chapter Four: Who at the well?

It was now night fall and Hope and Ashten had heard a lot about there parents and this jewel Hope carried around her neck all these years, but they still had not heard of why is glowed. They agreed to stay the night with them and head back home in the morning. Hope looked over at Ashten, "Can you sleep?" Hope asked. Ashten looked over at her. "Nope." He sighed. Hope sighed. "Maybe we should just go home they must be worried." She muttered. Ashten smiled. "Just what I was thinking." The two got up and quietly walked from the room into the 'sitting room' and out the door.

"Wow do you remember witch way to go?" Ashten asked. Hope nodded as she head in where she thought the well was. But before they could get anywhere three little kids came around the corner of the house. Hope and Ashten jumped turning around. "DEMON!!" Ashten yelled running behind Hope. Hope rolled her eyes, she had thought that her brother had grew up just a little bit on this trip he hadn't cried or yelled that whole time but she was soo wrong.

"Who on earth is this pussy?" A girl asked. Sango and Miroku came out with their weapons in there hands. "Don't worry mother it's only us." A Boy said running up to Sango. Ashten started to breathe and jump out from behind his sister. "Don't scare us like that!" He yelled. The girl laughed once again. "We can scare who ever we want this is our home!" Hope growled, she didn't like her one bit. "Hope, Ashten. Meet our kids Lilly, Aaron, and Ivan." Sango said each name as she point at them.

Lilly the oldies, she had brown hair down to her butt that was held in a high pony tail like her mother and dark blue eyes, she was the shorter out of the three, she wore a small blue kimono that was cut to her knees. Aaron was the youngest he had brown hair short and brown eyes, he was cute, he was in a red bellow kimono, Ivan was the middle child same age as Hope and her brother, he had black hair down to his shoulders his hair was thick and was keep in a loose ponytail and sky blue eyes he wore a blue bellow kimono.

"Nice to meet you!" Ashten said cheerfully waving. Lilly rolled her eyes and walked into the house. Aaron jumped up and down in front of his mother, Ivan held three rabbits in one hand and a buck lay behind him. "You three are out late, don't you think you should be home much earlier?" Miroku asked looking at Ivan. "Tell that to Lilly it's hard to carry a big buck by my SELF!" He growled. Lilly didn't pay any mind she just walked into her room.

Miroku turned to Hope and Ashten. "You want to go home don't you?" He asked. The two nodded. Sango smiled and walked into the hut waking Shippo in the 'sitting room'. "Shippo, can you take Ashten and Hope to the well so they can go home, I need to talk to Lilly." Sango asked. Shippo groaned and pulled him self up pulling down the cover that was sown skins from Demons.

"Thank you Shippo." Sango smiled turning back to Ashten who was waiting at the door. "Watch yourself many demons come out at night." She said before leaving the room going into the room with Lilly. Shippo walked out his hair a flat mess and his tail matted a bit. Hope shook her head and smiled walking over brushing his hair back and fixing it then started to walk off. Shippo blushed a bit not expecting her to do that he just watched her.

"Are we going?" Hope asked turning and looking at them. Ashten nodded his head and ran up behind her, Shippo jumped in front of them and started to lead them to the well. Ashten looked at Hope and smiled. "And what was that about?" He grinned. Hope blinked. "What?" She sighed. "Oh, I don't know just a habit; I do it to you all the time." She shook her head and smiled a bit. Shippo frowned no one had ever brushed his hair for him like that he kind of liked it.

Hope stopped as something came over her the felling of something, she looked up at a tree she couldn't see anything, but she felt something, there was something there but she couldn't understand what her feeling was telling her. Sighing Hope let it go thinking it was just her imagination; she sped up to catch up to the other two.

Shippo sniffed the air and looked around, he smelled Naraku, but he was killed, why would Naraku be around the well? Shippo turned and put his index finger over his mouth and quietly walked up throw the bushed looking at the well.
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Main Characters:

* Hope - Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter (Bow and Arrows)
* Ashten - Inuyasha and Kagome's son (Tatsuagera)
* Lilly - Sango and Mirokus Daughter (Boomerang)
* Ivan - Sango and Mirokus Son (Sword)
* Aaron - Sango and Mirokus Son
* Shippo - From Inuyasha (Claws, Fire spells)
* Akako - Koga and Ayamas Daughter (Fists and Wind)
* Saku - Not told yet (Shikon no Teema)

This is a Inuyasha fanfiction about his and Kagome's kids 18 years after the Inuyasha crew kills Naraku..

I DO NOT own InuYasha or any characters that come into this fic that are on Inuyasha. But I DO own Ashen and Hope and any children (beside Shippo) in this Fanfic, I created them from my own mind.
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