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Chapter Five: Kanna and Kagura?

Shippo moved the bushes over a bit to see who was at the well. Kagura and Kanna stood there the bright gleam of Kanna's mirror hide the image that was within it. Shippo growled and moved back to not be seen.

"Kanna are you sure you felt Inuyasha?" Kagura asked looking at the pail girl. Kanna's dead eyes stared at a spot and didn't really move her stiff body not moving at all as she held her mirror gently.

"Not Inuyasha, but something like him, Kagome as well." Kanna muttered.

Shippo looked down a bit them back at the two kids that watched the girls with curiosity.

Kagura sighed and looked down the well. "There is nothing left here Kanna, Kagome and Inuyasha have not been here in years

Kanna nodded. "But it is not Inuyasha, or Kagome it is someone else." Kanna moved her mirror a bit the image in it was of some kind of human looking demon but Shippo could not see it or make out what is was.

Shippo gave hope and Ashten the signal to move back they both steeped back as Shippo quietly put the bushes back into place and turned to look at them putting his finger over his mouth to tell them to quietly walk back. After getting a safe range away from the well Shippo walked up to the two.

"Its not safe here anymore." He muttered. Ashten looked at him.
"Who are they?" Ashten asked.
"Narakus puppets, his body parts, I thought they died with Naraku but it would seem they didn't." Shippo sighed.
"What are they to us?" Hope asked.
"Not your friends, they might kill you just for being Inuyasha and Kagome's blood." Shippo answered.
"Was our parents great fighters?" Hope asked.
"Inuyasha was the best I ever seen. Kagome had powers of a prestest so I would say so." Shippo looked at Hope a bit confused.

Hope looked down to the ground as they walked, was this why her mother and father locked the well up, scared that Naraku might come back and try to kill them. Suddenly everything made since to Hope, that was why her mother and father taught them to fight Hope could use the bow with out a problem there was no bow she couldn't handle. And Ashten was taught with his fist to start with then a stick then father gave him a sword for many years they taught them how to defend them self. Deep down were father and mother scared that this day would come.

Coming back to the hut Hope and Ashten softly walked into the house as to not to wake anyone but Sango was already up waiting for Shippo to return but instead she got all three of them.

"What happened?" Sango whispered.
"Kagura and Kanna was waiting at the well for us. They know their here." Shippo answered.
"I thought they died!?" Sango said a bit loud.
"Yea I know so did I, but there here." Shippo yawned and lay down in his soft bed.

Sango pointed to two beds maid in the 'sitting room' so that the two could sleep if they had came back, and then walked to her room to tell Miroku the news. Hope and Ashten lay down in the beds. In an hour Hope started to wonder off. Ashten had been dead asleep for a good 20 mins already but Hope still didn't feel she was safe.

The next morning Hope and Ashten were awoken with a cold splash of cold water. Hope opened her eyes and looked up to see Lilly with a mean look on her face as she crossed her arms waiting for her to get up Lilly tapped her foot. Hope yawned and sat up she looked over at Shippo who was still sound asleep in the bed on the other side, then she turned to her brother who had rolled over when the water hit him and was now pretending to be asleep so he could stay in just a little longer.

"Your brother is such a bum." Lilly smugly turned and walked out side.

Hope moved over and shook her brother as he sat up and yawned he looked around a bit trying to remember where he was. Hope turned back to Shippo crawled over to him shacking him but he didn't move. She sighed and bent down and blew in his ear, Shippo jumped awake and rose almost hitting Hope in the mouth.

"Morning Shippo. Did you sleep well?" Hope smiled as Shippo turned and looked at her.
"Yea." Shippo was still a bit groggy that was the first time anyone was able to wake him up.

Hope stood up and stretched a bit, combed her hair down with her fingers then walked outside of the hut. Ashten yawned and fallowed, Shippo tock some time getting up from his bed but he soon after fallowed as well.
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Main Characters:

* Hope - Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter (Bow and Arrows)
* Ashten - Inuyasha and Kagome's son (Tatsuagera)
* Lilly - Sango and Mirokus Daughter (Boomerang)
* Ivan - Sango and Mirokus Son (Sword)
* Aaron - Sango and Mirokus Son
* Shippo - From Inuyasha (Claws, Fire spells)
* Akako - Koga and Ayamas Daughter (Fists and Wind)
* Saku - Not told yet (Shikon no Teema)

This is a Inuyasha fanfiction about his and Kagome's kids 18 years after the Inuyasha crew kills Naraku..

I DO NOT own InuYasha or any characters that come into this fic that are on Inuyasha. But I DO own Ashen and Hope and any children (beside Shippo) in this Fanfic, I created them from my own mind.
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