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Chapter Six: My Uncle!?

Shippo came out to a large glare between two girls. Lilly and Hope face to face as Hope balled her fist up Lilly laughed Ashten stood behind Hope ready to grab her if needed. Lilly turned to Shippo as he left the hut and hoped over to him a great grin on her face.

"Shippo your taking these two home today right, let me go with you I can help you watch over them!" Lilly joyfully chuckled.
"Oh you little!" Hope growled as she shook her head and walked off in a huff.
"Lilly, what is going on?" Shippo asked.
"Just girlie things!" She smiled.
"Hope!" Ashten yelled running after her.

Hope stopped and waited on her little brother couple jumps away from the hut she turned and crossed her arms. Ashten walked up and looked at her with an interested look. Hope reached up and started to play with the jewel around her neck.

"That jealous little brat, who said anything about me wanting her dame demon!" She growled.

Ashten laughed, Hope was so much like there father he had always been jealous she could look danger in the face and a laugh at it he would run, Hope didn't know it but Inuyasha had a found connection with her and he was always more of the mothers boy he always wanted to be the close to his father but that was Hopes place and he stood by his mothers side.

"We get to go home today, I'm not sure If I want to though." Ashten confessed.
"Why not?" Hope asked turning to look at her brother.
"Because I want to learn more, I don't think mom and dad are going to tell us Sango and Miroku seem like their best friends, we could learn a lot about our parents from them." He sighed.
"I know what you mean…. I want to myself, but its best we go back, its already been a day I'm sure they have the police out after us." Hope muttered.

Ashten nodded and turned back to the others who still stood in a oval in front of the door Lilly still poring herself over Shippo who just gave a smile and a few responses. Ivan and Aaron laughing to each other on how Shippo was just taking it. Sango stood a few feet away doing the laundry and Miroku creped up close behind her. Hope turned her mind to Miroku, as did Ashten wondering what he was about to do. Hope's face flushed as Mirokus hand found its way to Sango's butt to have nice good feel of her. Sango swung around and slapped him leaving a nice red print on the side of his face. Ashten laughed as Hope shook her head and turned back to the group of kids when she noticed Shippo had his eyes fixed on her. Blushing a bit she turned away and started to walk over to Miroku and Sango Ashten walked his way to the two boys to make a nice laugh or two to for himself on the way Shippo just rolled over for her.

"Sango do you think it would be ok for me to walk around a bit. I mean not to far but just maybe to the well and back?" Hope asked.
"Why do you wish to walk?" Sango looked down at her.
"I just need to think." Hope answered.
"Alright but you stay close it might not be safe at the well yet we are going to let you two stay the day here and set out tomorrow, so stay close so we can hear you yell if you need us." Sango smiled.

Hope nodded and started to walk in the direction behind the hut somewhere she had yet not been and she wanted to see. Hope wanted to see all the land it looked so pretty even with the few Demons that flew over the land and ran after their victim. Hope sighed as her mind drifted off into a deep thought of memories of her mother and father holding them up in the air and her mother telling her never to go into the shack again after her fall. Hope thought a moment she didn't remember falling down she remembered being pushed to the ground and her mother coming to save her as she cried, she has never really thought about it her mother told her she fell and Hope only being 6 never thought into it. A demon had come after her a flying Demon she remembered its white glossy scales and big blue eyes. She always remembered it as a fall but it all seemed so clear. That was why her mother locked the shack up she didn't want more demons to get to her kids.

Hopes thoughts were interrupted when she herd the light pat of feet coming to her from in front of her looking around Hope hid behind a tree and watched as a man walked up and stopped close to her following him was a toad with a staff and a human girl with long black hair up in a ponytail and a white kimono. The man looked human but the moon on his forehead and the slashes on his checks told Hope he wasn't no human, his pointed ears also told her that he was a Demon. His long silver hair flowed down to his knees and his outfit looked very odd to Hope, a big fluff lay gently on his shoulder and curved around it like a covering.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" The girl asked.

Sesshomaru turned and look right at Hope she lowered her head and knew he saw her. Hope stayed where she hid hoping he might just walk back but she wasn't that lucky, Sesshomaru walked over and picked her up by the back of her shirt Hope was scared she didn't know what he might do to her.

"Oh my lord Sesshomaru, don't tell me you are going to keep this child to!?" The toad boosted.
"You have the sent of that Half-Demon Inuyasha." Sesshomaru was a bit surprised to see the child.
"Inuyasha was a half-demon?" Hope blinked and kind of wasn't scared any more maybe he was on the good side?
"Could you be his daughter?" Sesshomaru was very surprised to see Inuyasha's kid in this era.
Hope said nothing; she had no idea who he was and what he was doing there.

"That is your Half-Brothers daughter!?" The Toad exclaimed with an odd look on his face.
"Half-Brother, that would make you…… Our Uncle!?" Hope looked up into his eyes.

Sesshomaru started at the girl his golden glare right at her deep blue eyes and he could see his Half-Brother looking out at him, this was his child. But what was she doing in this era Inuyasha left it with his Human mate years ago.

"Our?" Sesshomaru didn't miss her claim.
"I have a twin brother." Hope still stared into his eyes unafraid.

Sesshomaru sighed and throw her to the ground starting to turn. Hope feel on her butt once again closing one eye and looking down Hope bounced a bit, after the fall Hope looked back up at the Demon with both eyes and stared.

"Sesshomaru?" Hope asked.

She started to get up when the toad walked over in front of her with his two headed staff grinning wildly, he hit his staff onto the ground the head of the man opening and Hope could see the fire start to build in the mouth, screaming Hope jumped out of the rang of the staff's fire, just in time to her feet felling the heat of its flame.


Hope jumped up and ran over to the toad grabbing the staff and hitting him with it. Sesshomaru turned and looked over his shoulder at the girl wildly thrashing at Jaken. When he saw the jewel around her neck slightly glowing. Sesshomaru turned and walked back to her grabbing the staff and holding it. Hope blinked and looked up at him with a questionable look. Jaken now laying on the ground twitching at his now badly bruised body.

"The Shikon no Tama, dose it still have its power?" Sesshomaru asked.
"No, my father wished on it." Hope looked down at the glowing jewel on her neck a firm grip still on the staff.
"Then it is true." Sesshomaru smiled a bit.
"What is?" Hope looked back up at.

"HOPE!!!!!!!" Ashten came running throw the woods with a large stick in his hand Shippo came running as well and the others close behind him. Sesshomaru tock the staff from Hope and looked at Rin who nodded to fallow him.

"The Shikon no Tama Sister is calling for it, you best be careful next time you may not be so lucky as to survive" Sesshomaru turned and left Rin close behind.

Hope kicked Jaken as he got up to run after his master as well his wild frantic movements to try and catch up with his master made Hope wish she killed the stupid thing. Just as Hope turned to walk back to the others Ashten throw his stick down and grabbed her shoulders breathing hard started to check her for injures.

"Its alright Ashten, that was out Uncle though I think he is a bit unwilling." Hope laughed.
"Our Uncle!?" Ashten looked past her shoulder to look for the man that had well disappeared into the shadows.

Shippo stopped running when he noticed the two starting to walk back and sighed waiting for them the others stopping with him. Hope and Ashten meet with them and Hope explained what happened and everything Sesshomaru had said. After Hope had said everything there was to say about what happened, Sango and Miroku looked at each strangely.

"Alright kids, go show Hope and Ashten the area your father and I need to talk alone." Sango smiled at her kids as they nodded Sango grabbed Miroku's hand dragging him back to the house.

Lilly wrapped her arm around Shippo's and smiled over at him. Ivan and Aaron looking at each other and rolling their eyes. Hope in a irritating mood walked up behind Ivan and wrapped her arm around his smiling kindly at letting her start her revenge on his sister.

"So where are we off to first?" Hope giggled.

Ashten walked up beside Aaron and looked at his sister oddly she had never acted like this and he wasn't sure why she was, he would never understand his sister and he knew that. But they are still as close as a peed and pod him and her, there would be no way to separate them even from a long distance. Their hearts would always have the bond of sister and brother.
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Main Characters:

* Hope - Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter (Bow and Arrows)
* Ashten - Inuyasha and Kagome's son (Tatsuagera)
* Lilly - Sango and Mirokus Daughter (Boomerang)
* Ivan - Sango and Mirokus Son (Sword)
* Aaron - Sango and Mirokus Son
* Shippo - From Inuyasha (Claws, Fire spells)
* Akako - Koga and Ayamas Daughter (Fists and Wind)
* Saku - Not told yet (Shikon no Teema)

This is a Inuyasha fanfiction about his and Kagome's kids 18 years after the Inuyasha crew kills Naraku..

I DO NOT own InuYasha or any characters that come into this fic that are on Inuyasha. But I DO own Ashen and Hope and any children (beside Shippo) in this Fanfic, I created them from my own mind.
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